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Specialty coffee roaster

We selected two main values from our experience in France and in Melbourne (Australia) : simplicity and seasonal products.

Because we believe that fresh coffee should be accessible to everyone, we offer a simple and limitless approach of the best coffees.



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Our approach

We roast our beans with precision every week in small batches to ensure the quality and constancy of our final product. 

We want our roast to have the smallest impact as possible on the beans to ensure to reveal the full expression of every terroirs.


We work hand in hand with the best european coffee sourcers to select our coffee depending on quality, seasonality and strict traceability 

Thanks to that traceability, we are able to control the quality from the beginning and through the entire process and and are able to mesure the ecological and social impact of our green bean purchase policy.

A dedicated offer to the professionnals

You are planning on opening a coffee shop dedicated to specialty coffee, enhance your coffee offer or add a new coffee roast to your existing selection ? You wish to offer an exceptionnal coffee to your coworkers ?

We have created solutions to make sure you get the right product and the right service at the right time. Because we believe that quality itself is not enough we help our custermers building an exceptional customer oriented experience.

Our events


Join us every thurday for event around specialty coffees



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